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Welcome to PSN!


The goal of this site is to bring together friends and families of infant or childhood stroke survivors from around the world. Childhood stroke is steadily on the rise, finding other parents to connect with can often be difficult especially when you are looking to find parents dealing with the same type of stroke or after effects and disabilities. There are not many resources readily available to parents for support, awareness, advocacy tips, and education.

When you join the PSN support group you are being added to our on-line mailing list. The list is the way that all of the parents and family members at PSN communicate. It is a wonderful and caring place to be able to share your feelings as a parent or family member, as well as discuss treatments, medical conditions, regular day-to-day trials and successes, doctor appointments, family, etc. To join PSN, email [email protected] and JOIN in subject line.

PSN is dedicated to helping parents and families cope and move forward in their lives. PSN is also the first support group for infant, pediatric and childhood stroke registered with the American Heart Association.  I must stress that parent and family involvement is the key. If you would like to volunteer to help with these goals, check out our Volunteer Page. 

If you don't see something on PSN and feel it could be valuable to other parents, please email me and I would be more than willing to add it to the website.  I hope that you find what you are looking for at PSN!

We CAN make a difference!

Please join us for support, information and fun!

Thank you,

Emilie J. Heath
President - Pediatric Stroke Network

May 2, 2009 Walk/Picnic Information

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