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Braedon's Story

      Braeden was two weeks overdue. All the non-stress tests I had in those two weeks were normal and everything seemed to be going great. I was so ready to have him that I couldn't have waited another day. I was scheduled to go in at 6am for a cytotek pill to help thin out my cervix. At 2:00 that morning I started feeling what I thought were gas pains (my first child so I didn't know what to expect!) When I got to the hospital they told me I was having contractions, not gas pains and they were about 5 minutes apart. They went ahead and inserted the cytotek and I progressed quickly from there. Soon I was at 8 cm and then stopped dialating for 2 hours. They put me on pitocin and then when I was at 10 cm I began to push. For 2 hours I pushed after having 22 hrs. of hard back labor. Finally they decided the baby wasn't coming out so I ended up having a c-section. His apgars and blood gasses were perfect.

    12 hours later the hospital pediatrician came into my room and told me Braeden was having seizures and he was going to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. My world crumbled down around me. I knew that whatever this meant, it wasn't good. Braeden's dad went to children's with him and after a CT scan and an MRI they informed him that my son had had a stroke and had "significant damage to the left side of his brain and some on the right". The only thing I could tell myself is that it was just a nightmare, it wasn't real. I had dreams of him being head of his class, having football glory days and dating the cutest, sweetest girl in school. Now those dreams would never come true. I spent only one day in the hospital after my c-section because they wanted me to go to the hospital to see him. They thought they would have to put him on a respirator because he kept stopping breathing when he would have his seizures. So I went to be by his side, and I've got to tell you, the smell of the soap in the NICU ended up making me sick to my stomach. He was so pitiful.

Anyway, he spent 2 wks. in there and they told me the reason for the stroke was either a blood clotting disorder or the fact that I had an infection in my placenta. However, when he was delivered they told me that we made a good choice to do the c-section because he was transverse. I have a feeling that is what caused all this. He came home after 2 wks in the hospital, all drugged up on phenobarb but he was alive. I told his dad that "as long as he can poop, pee, eat and know that we love him, I don't care what else he does."

    He is now 5 months and doing better than we could've expected. His right arm and hand seem to be what was affected most. He keeps his arm straight most of the time and his hand in a fist. Early Intervention starts next week with PT and OT to help him with that. Other than that he seems to be the happiest baby alive. He never quits smiling. Sometimes he even smiles when he is crying. God really works in mysterious ways. I know that he is delayed in some things, but he is alive and knows he is loved. He may do things later than "normal" babies, but we are convinced that he will do them. For all who have a child who has went through this. Cherish every moment with them. Every day you will see what a miracle they can be. Children are so resilient and don't let anyone tell you, not even a doctor, what your child will be capable of because there are just some things that dr.'s don't have a hand in.



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