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Monica's Story


    Monica was born 4-23-97 after only 4 hrs. labor.  She seemed perfectly fine except she had a problem keeping her temp. up.  The doctors said she would be fine.  She was fine for about a year and a half.  At about 1.5 yrs. she started to experience swelling in her right hand and wouldn't use it.  It only occurred about once a month and only for about 2 minutes each time and then she would be fine, never cried or said anything like "ouch".  

    She didn't reach milestones like she should have, walked at 15 months, few words, sitting up at 12 months.  I had finally took her to the pediatrician to question these things when at 20 months she became increasingly tired and less hungry.  The pediatrician heard all of my complaints and said Monica just needed to have her schedule changed and she would soon start developing normally.  Well, 2 days later I had to rush her back to the pediatricians with increasing weakness of the entire right side of her body and diminished hearing of the right ear.  They told me to rush Monica in my car, an hour away, to the emergency department of one of the closest Children's Hospitals.  12 hours later we were told she had a CVA of the left temporal lobe due to Antiphospholipid and Anticardiolipid Antibodies.  She recovered almost completely in 1 year.  Now we just found out she probably has narrow carotid arteries on both sides of her neck too.  

    She is now 4 and has a hard time controlling her emotions, can not be in heat because it triggers her brain and it appears as though she has had another stroke, has circulation problems, and appears to me to possibly have a learning disorder.  

    She is one of the best things to happen to me (besides 2 other kids & my husband) she has shown so much courage, strength, stamina, resilience and love.  I have learned so much more from her in one day, more than I could have learned in a lifetime without her.  Thank you to everyone who reads this and to those who gave me the opportunity to finally see we are not alone.  




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