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Newly Diagnosed


When you first get your diagnosis you will feel scared, lost, confused and probably angry.  This wasn't part of the plan!  Your child was supposed to be perfect!  In time you will come to realize that your child really is perfect, in their own non-perfect way.  In the beginning there are so many unanswered questions and so many thing that must be done.  You will need to find the reason for your child's stroke, you will worry about what disabilities your child will have from their stroke, and you will feel like you are utterly alone in your despair. 

But you aren't alone!  You made the first important step in you and your child's future.  You hit the web to seek information.  And you found PSN.  Below are some links that will be very useful in your first few months.


Causes of Childhood Stroke

Definition of Childhood Stroke

Disability Support

Early Intervention/Special Education

Infant Development

Providers Your Child May Need


Please feel free to browse the side index for other information that may be important, such as post stroke disabilities or rehabilitation.







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