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CJ's Playground


CJ's Playground is a section of PSN dedicated to our children. We would like to bring our children, along with their struggles and joys, online. The reason it's called CJ's Playground is in dedication to Rachael, our Founder, and C.J. Hoffman, who is the reason that PSN was created.  Also to illustrate that our children remain happy and playful, in spite of their obstacles.
Whether you want to tell the story of diagnosis, triumph, or living life after Childhood Stroke, we want to be able to bring it to others through the words of parents. If you would like to bring your child's story to CJ's Playground for other parents to read and relate to please:  E-mail PSN
None of the stories or pictures on these pages may be used without the express written permission of the Pediatric Stroke Network and/or the parents of these children. These stories are copyrighted by the intellectual property law. All stories are original submissions written by parents.  Illegal borrowing or copying of any story will result in legal action.








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